Link to Microwave Office

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Customers who have both NI AWR Design Environment/Microwave Office™ and Optenni Lab™ licenses can easily optimize matching circuits in Optenni Lab and transfer the matching circuits to Microwave Office for further processing in an easy, fast and transparent way. In brief, the procedure is as follows:

  • In Optenni Lab, optimize matching circuits based on measured or simulated impedance data
  • Right click the optimized matching circuit and select "Transfer circuit to Microwave Office"

The matching circuit is constructed in Microwave Office as a subcircuit, a two-port simulation and related plots are set up and the simulation is run automatically. Now it is easy to use the matching circuit as a submodel of the complete design in Microwave Office.


A video presentation of the link made in collaboration with AWR and Optenni:

See also the following material:

  • An article about LTE base station antenna design written by Pulse, NI (formerly AWR Corporation) and Optenni in EE Times Europe