Optenni Ltd — Contact Information

For further inquiries about our products, services and collaboration possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Optenni OfficeAddress
Optenni Ltd
Tekniikantie 14
FI-02150 ESPOO

Business ID

Finnish VAT ID


CEO Jussi Rahola
phone: +358 45 265 8245

Optenni Sales

E-mail for sales enquiries

Sales Director Jaakko Juntunen
phone: +358 45 600 1201


Optenni Lab Local Distributors

In China we are represented by Oplan Technologies

In India we are represented by Avgarde Systems

In Japan we are represented by AET Inc.

In Northern California we are represented by Jay Stone Associates


Altair Partner Alliance

In addition to Optenni direct sales, Optenni Lab is available through the Altair Partner Alliance, in which Altair customers can use partner software with their existing HyperWorks Units and the Altair licensing system. The Optenni Lab version compatible with the Altair licensing system can be downloaded here.

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