Corporate Profile

Optenni Ltd. is an innovator in antenna and RF design automation, developing professional design tools for antenna and RF engineers. Optenni employs customer-driven innovation, and partnerships with leading players in the wireless ecosystem. Optenni’s main product, Optenni Lab™, is the leading circuit synthesis software for antenna optimization that features automatic matching circuit synthesis and optimization, antenna array beamforming with active impedance control, and many assessment tools to evaluate design candidate’s performance. Optenni Lab links with major EM tools, and is typically applied in the design of tunable or other multiband antenna systems and phased arrays.

Our philosophy

We aim to create versatile, powerful but easy-to-use software tools to help antenna and RF designers to meet their demanding design goals and accelerate the design process. Our product uses advanced optimization methods and numerical techniques, but the complexity is hidden from the user. We develop our products further in close collaboration with our customers and we also introduce new concepts based on latest scientific advances. We provide easy-to-use interfaces to leading electromagnetic simulation software.

Our mission

Optenni provides powerful, innovative and easy-to-use design tools for antenna and RF professionals to speed up the design of wireless devices and increase their performance.

Our vision

Optenni is the leading global developer of antenna and RF design automation software employing customer-driven innovation and partnerships with leading players in the wireless ecosystem.