Optenni Newsletter 4/2017: Optenni joins the Altair Partner Alliance

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Optenni Newsletter 4/2017

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Optenni Lab available through the Altair Partner Alliance

In addition to our own sales and existing sales channels, Optenni Las is now available also through the Altair Partner Alliance. Eligible Altair customers can use the Optenni Lab RF Design Automation framework and other Altair partner software with their existing HyperWorks Units and the Altair licensing system. Please download the Optenni Lab version for the Altair Partner Alliance from this page. This version is similar to the standalone Optenni Lab version, except that some software links have been disabled. Both the Optenni Lab Standard Edition (single-port matching) and the Optenni Lab Professional Edition (simultaneous multiport matching, voltage and current calculations, synthesis blocks, multiport switches etc.) are supported.

Please join us and register for an introductory webinar on Wednesday November 29 organized by Altair.

In addition, Optenni will give a talk at the Altair ATCx Electromagnetics seminar in Gothenburg, Sweden, on Monday November 27.

Optenni at the German AWR user group meeting

Optenni will give a presentation on the topic “Small Loop Antenna Matching for Minimum Sensitivity to Environment” at NI AWR ADF: German User Group Meeting on Tuesday December 12.

Optenni Lab 4.1 service pack available

We have recently released two service packs to Optenni Lab 4.1. In Optenni Lab 4.1 Service Packs 1 and 2 we fixed some bugs and introduced the following new functionalities:

  • The multiport switch works now also for SPST (two-port) switch models.
  • The multiport switch models shows all the selected switch states for all the frequency sets with different colors and indicates with an arrow that the switch state is optimized.
  • When tuning the components, there is a new program option for hiding the component values which are not being optimized.
  • The name of the “Optimize all” button was changed to “Reset optimization”.
  • Tolerance values were added to the substrate height and microstrip width.
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