Optenni Newsletter 1/2010

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Optenni Newsletter 1/2010

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Welcome to the first edition of Optenni Ltd newsletters. The newsletters will be archived on our web site www.optenni.com.

About Optenni Lab Software

Optenni Lab is an easy-to-use matching circuit optimization and antenna analysis software. The main features of Optenni Lab are:

Please contact info@optenni.com for more information and to obtain a free evaluation license.

Optenni Lab 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 of Optenni Lab has been recently released, containing e.g. the following new features and improvements:

  • Visualization of the impedance trace at one frequency, showing how the matching circuit components transform the originial impedance. This is a great teaching tool for understanding the operation of matching circuits.
  • Calculation of system S parameters (S parameters of a multiport system where one of the ports has been terminated with a matching circuit).
  • Saving system S parameters, matching circuit S parameters and input impedance as Touchstone files.
  • New output formats for saving plots.
  • Many other improvements in software usability.
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