Optenni Newsletter 1/2011

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Optenni Newsletter 1/2011

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Optenni Lab 1.2 Released

The version 1.2 of Optenni Lab has been recently released, containing e.g. the following new features and improvements:

  • Specification of different target levels for matching circuit efficiency on the different frequency bands
  • Specification of stop band attenuation targets
  • New component types for manually generated matching circuit topologies: resistors, transmission lines and 2-port S parameter blocks
  • New topologies for manually generated matching circuits: parallel and series resonators that can also be hierarchical
  • De-embedding the effect of measurement cables
  • Many other improvements in software usability

With the released version it is possible to fine-tune the matching circuit performance using the target level definitions for the pass and stop bands. You can make the matching circuit operate as a selective filter so that it will reject unwanted signals on the stop bands. However, specifying a stop band target typically influences also the pass band performance.

In addition to inductors and capacitors, matching circuits consisting of transmission lines can now be optimized. The transmission lines can be in a series or parallel configuration (either short circuited or open circuited). Both the length and the characteristic impedance of the transmission lines can be optimized.

S parameter blocks allow the inclusion of switches and filters in the matching circuit analysis. In addition, it is possible to utilize accurate inductor or capacitor models that are available from component manufacturers.

The introduction of series and parallel resonators greatly increases the number of available circuit topologies for optimization. For example, the topology below can easily be optimized using Optenni Lab.

New features are constantly being developed for Optenni Lab. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for new functionalities that you would like to see in our future versions.

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