Optenni newsletter 1/2012

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Optenni Newsletter 1/2012

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Optenni Lab Video Presentations

For a quick introduction to Optenni Lab, please take a look at the two video presentations on the Optenni home page:

  • Presentation of Optenni Lab
  • Presentation of the two-way link between Optenni Lab and CST STUDIO SUITEĀ®.

These presentations are also available on Optenni's Channel at Youtube.

Optenni at EuCAP 2012: Exhibition and Short Course

Optenni is taking part in the exhibition of the EuCAP 2012 conference (European Conference on Antennas and Propagation) in Prague on 26-30 March 2012.

Please visit us at the exhibition to see Optenni Lab in action. You can also bring your own antenna impedance data in Touchstone format to see how Optenni Lab can improve your antenna performance.

On Sunday March 25, Optenni will deliver a short course on "Advanced impedance matching and impedance analysis for antenna applications". The main topics of the course are:

  • The traveling wave and power wave definitions of the reflection coefficient and the scattering matrix
  • Review of the Smith chart
  • Impedance matching using lumped and distributed components
  • Analysis of the efficiency of matching circuits
  • Bandwidth potential calculations for estimating the obtainable impedance bandwidth of nonresonant antennas
  • Obtainable efficiency calculations for choosing a matching circuit topology for tunable matching circuits
  • Electromagnetic isolation calculations for calculating the worst-case isolation in two-antenna systems

If you are interested in the course, please register through the EuCAP web pages.


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