Optenni Newsletter 3/2012

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Optenni Newsletter 3/2012

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Link from Optenni Lab to Microwave Office

A new integrated workflow enables circuits synthesized in the Optenni Lab™ matching circuit optimization software to be easily imported into the Microwave Office™ circuit simulator by AWR for further optimization.

Those customers who have both an Optenni Lab and Microwave Office license can easily transfer matching circuits optimized in Optenni Lab to Microwave Office using a single mouse click: right-click an optimized matching circuit and choose "Transfer circuit to Microwave Office". Within a couple of seconds the circuit will be constructed in Microwave Office and a simulation will be set up that allows the computation and optimization of the S21 of the matching circuit (efficiency of power transfer through the matching circuit). In addition, the simulation will be run and the results will be plotted.

The link supports all the Optenni Lab topologies and component types: inductors, capacitors, library components, resistors, transmission lines and 2-port S parameter blocks. In Microwave Office you can e.g. analyze the effects of the component layout and use the matching circuit as part of the whole RF chain simulation.

The link is implemented in Optenni Lab version 1.4SP3 which is available for all customers with a valid maintenance contract.

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