Optenni Newsletter 3/2013

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Optenni Newsletter 3/2013

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Optenni Lab linked with ANSYS HFSS

Optenni is pleased to announce the availability of a link between the ANSYS® HFSS™ electromagnetic field simulator and the Optenni Lab™ matching circuit optimization software. After installation of a macro command to HFSS, the impedance data simulated in HFSS can be transferred to Optenni Lab using a single menu command in HFSS.

Based on the simulated impedance data from HFSS, you can design matching circuits with optimal performance in Optenni Lab in a matter of seconds. The design flow in Optenni Lab is as follows:

  • Enter the desired operation frequency ranges from a list of commonly used wireless systems or by entering the frequency data manually
  • Select the desired number of matching components
  • Select the manufacturer and component series of the inductors and capacitors used in the design

Within seconds, Optenni Lab provides several optimized matching circuit topologies to you. You can also specify the matching circuit topology manually, include transmission lines in the analysis, optimize matching circuits for multiple antenna ports simultaneously and study the effects of component tolerances to the antenna efficiency.

In addition, Optenni Lab provides the bandwidth potential tool for estimating the obtainable bandwidth of nonresonant antennas. This is an essential tool for evaluating and ranking of different antenna concepts in an early design stage.

For more information, please see the following:


Overview of Optenni Lab links

One of our key strategies is to provide the user with links to leading software tools in the wireless ecosystem, in order to help the antenna designers to speed up their design flow. Currently we have the following links:

In addition, we are planning to release a direct link with the FEKO electromagnetic simulator in October this year.


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