Optenni Newsletter 4/2013

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Optenni Newsletter 4/2013

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Optenni Lab 2.1 Released

A new version of the Optenni Lab matching circuit optimization software has been released. This release contains e.g. the following improvements:

  • Interactive zooming of all plots
  • VSWR mode for presenting S-parameter data as Voltage Standing Wave Ratio values
  • Two-way link with FEKO (see below)

Two-way link with FEKO

The FEKO 3D electromagnetic simulator and Optenni Lab are now linked with an easy-to-use two-way link. The user can design matching circuits in Optenni Lab based on the impedance data simulated in FEKO. After the optimization, the matching circuits can be transferred back to FEKO and used as non-radiating feed networks. The link is available between FEKO SUITE 6.3 and Optenni Lab 2.1.

More information:

Overview of Optenni Lab links

One of our key strategies is to provide the user with links to leading software tools in the wireless ecosystem, in order to help the antenna designers to speed up their design flow. Currently we have the following links:


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