Optenni Newsletter 2/2014

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Optenni Newsletter 2/2014

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Optenni Lab 3.0 released

Optenni Lab is the leading professional tool for matching circuit design, especially targeted for antenna applications. We are proud to announce the availability of Optenni Lab 3.0, having several new unique major features. This version combines the results of 5 years of intense R&D in the area of matching circuit optimization.

The new major features in this version are:

  • Optimization of frequency tunable matching circuits. You can now optimize matching circuits that contain e.g. tunable capacitors, impedance tuners and switchable elements to support frequency tunable matching circuits. This is a challenging optimization task as both the values of the fixed matching components and several states or values of the tunable components will be optimized simultaneously to give optimal efficiency over the desired frequency bands. Typical application is the optimization of mobile phone antennas to cover a large number of frequency bands, especially at frequencies below 1 GHz.
  • Real-time connection to network analyzers. With the connection you can obtain data from Agilent and Rohde&Schwarz network analyzers, and then calculate the bandwidth potential and electromagnetic isolation and optimize matching circuits in real-time based on the antenna impedance measurements. This feature speeds up your antenna prototyping work as you can immediately see how changes in the antenna prototype affect the antenna efficiency through optimzed matching circuits.
  • Improved link to CST STUDIO SUITE. The existing two-way link between CST STUDIO SUITE and Optenni Lab has been improved so that now Optenni Lab can build the matching circuits on the main CST DESIGN STUDIO schematic, connect the circuits to external ports and launch the circuit simulation in CST DESIGN STUDIO. In addition, with new post-processing templates in CST MICROWAVE STUDIO, Optenni Lab can be used to automatically design optimized matching circuits within a parameter sweep or an optimization loop in CST MICROWAVE STUDIO, thus enabling combined electromagnetic and circuit optimization. Similarly, Optenni Lab's bandwidth potential and electromagnetic isolation calculations can be run as post-processing templates.

This release enlarges the capabilities of Optenni Lab by enabling further integration between various software tools and now also with measurement devices.

If you have any feedback about Optenni Lab or you would like to suggest additional improvements and functionalities, please do not hesitate to contact us or our distributors within the CST and FEKO sales channels.


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