Two-way link with FEKO

Altair HyperWorks CMYK horizontal

Customers who have both FEKO™ and Optenni Lab™ licenses can easily optimize matching circuits in Optenni Lab based on the electromagnetic simulation results from FEKO and return the matching circuits to FEKO as non-radiating feed networks.

To use the link, please follow these instructions:

  • In CADFEKO, click on "Application macro/Optenni Lab: Port matching" on the home tab of the ribbon. The simulated S-parameters will be transferred to Optenni Lab.
  • After optimization of the matching circuit in Optenni Lab, right click the circuit and select "Transfer circuit to FEKO and quit". After the transfer, Optenni Lab will close and control will pass back to FEKO
  • The matching circuit is built in FEKO as a non-radiating feed network which can be included in further FEKO simulations.