Key features of Optenni Lab

Optenni Lab includes many innovative technologies for accelerating the design flow:

  • Matching circuit synthesis: Optenni Lab’s automatic matching circuit synthesis provides the user with multiple optimized topologies using fast parallelized multicore optimization techniques. The synthesis applies to both single-port and multiport RF systems.
  • Optimization using component library: Optenni Lab optimizes the matching circuits using component models from leading inductor and capacitor manufacturers, taking into account component losses, parasitic effects and component tolerances.
  • Tolerance analysis: The sensitivity of various topologies to component tolerances is readily analyzed by Optenni Lab's tolerance analysis feature. Different available tolerance variants of the library components can be chosen for the analysis.
  • Tunable antenna design: Optenni Lab supports tunable antenna design, where the target bands are switched by a network of fixed and variable components - either realized by switches or dedicated tuner components.
  • Multi-antenna matching: Optenni Lab supports multi-antenna matching for best efficiency, taking antenna-to-antenna coupling into account. The optimization setup enables control of both efficiency and isolation.
  • Advanced impedance analysis tools: Optenni Lab provides advanced analysis tools, such as the bandwidth potential and electromagnetic isolation calculations for evaluation and ranking of antenna concepts and prototypes.
  • Radiation efficiency calculation: Optenni Lab supports frequency-dependent radiation efficiency data in optimization of the total efficiency of the antenna.
  • Links to electromagnetic and circuit simulators: Optenni Lab links seamlessly to leading electromagnetic simulators through EM simulator links, enabling optimization of the total efficiency of the antenna, including losses from the antenna, its environment, and matching circuit. Optenni Lab can also transfer synthesized matching circuits to circuit simulators for further analysis using the circuit simulator link.
  • Links to Vector Network Analyzers: Optenni Lab optimizes matching circuits in real time based on measurements through network analyzer link, bridging the gap between measurements and simulations.