Antenna array optimization

Optenni Lab Antenna Array module is an assessment and optimization tool especially for array designs where antenna element isolation is not perfect. The mutual coupling causes many effects that reduce the array performance, most problematic being the active impedance that is strongly dependent upon beam scan angle.

Optenni Lab makes no compromises in the modeling accuracy: the port coupling is modeled by full S-parameter matrix, and the normalized radiation patterns of each port are used while forming the beams and calculating the total system efficiencies. This means that the designer can evaluate the realized performance without any assumption on the isolation or symmetry of the array. Moreover, Optenni Lab calculates the active impedances for any given excitation, and also optimizes both excitation and matching circuits such that the active impedance influence is minimized, while having a desired main lobe gain, side lobe level and radiation nulls. The effortless combination of circuit and radiation aspects of the array makes Optenni Lab a unique tool for integrated array-PA module designs, for example mobile or fixed mm-wave arrays for 5G.

The beam scanning range tool provides a quick assessment of the array’s steering capability. It also reveals blind spots, and supports CDF curve representation of the scanning range.



Tuning the parameters of Dolph-Chebyshev excitation shows interactively the resulting beam (with polarization ellipses) and active impedances