Optenni Lab — Component library

Optenni Lab includes an easy-to-use component library of commonly used inductors and capacitors that supports automatic matching circuit generation and sensitivity analysis. Currently around 70 component series from 5 major manufacturers (AVX, Coilcraft, Murata, Taiyo Yuden and TDK) are included in the library and additional manufacturers and component series are planned to be added.

Inductors from component library

Setting up the library is very fast and easy: from Optenni Lab you can browse the available component series and download your favorite ones to your computer. Thereafter, the component series are available for optimization of automatic matching circuit generation and manually created topologies. Thus, the optimization of matching circuits using realistic component models is extremely fast and easy in Optenni Lab:

  1. Read in the load impedance file (Touchstone format)
  2. Specify the desired frequency ranges 
  3. Select the number of matching components
  4. Select which inductor and capacitor series you want to use

Within a matter of seconds, Optenni Lab provides you with several optimized matching circuit topologies. In the optimization, Optenni Lab takes into account losses and parasitic effects inside the components and selects the best combination of the available discrete component values.

When the matching circuit has been optimized, you can tune the component value and see its effect to the performance of the circuit. The component library also contains tolerance data so that you can study the effect of the component tolerances to the matching circuit performance.