Optenni Lab — Calculation of electromagnetic isolation

In the analysis of isolation between two antennas, it is well known that the matching of both antennas affects the isolation. To remove the effect of antenna matching Optenni Lab can calculate the so called electromagnetic isolation where at each frequency two antenna ports have been simultaneously conjugate matched and the other ports are terminated with given impedances. For two-port systems, the electromagnetic isolation gives the worst-case isolation and the obtained isolation is always better than this due to impedance mismatch. The concept of electromagnetic isolation is used e.g. in the analysis of diversity antennas.

Electromagnetic isolation calculation allows you to

  • Quickly calculate the effect of antenna placement to isolation by normalizing the matching of both antennas
  • Show the effect of an isolating element (e.g. metamaterial) to obtainable isolation
Electromagnetic isolation
Antenna S-parameters of a two-port antenna system and the calculated electromagnetic isolation, all in dB.

More information

For more information about the concept of electromagnetic isolation, see for example