Optenni Lab — Automatic matching circuit synthesis

Automatic matching circuit synthesis is the core functionality of Optenni Lab. Over the years of development, this same standpoint has refined into highly sophisticated algorithms and use cases. The synthesis capabilities include

  • automatic determination of the optimal number of required matching components
  • more than 100 component series from top vendors to choose from
  • tolerance analysis with design sensitivity ranking
  • synthesis using full EM-simulated layout model
  • generic “black box” synthesis blocks to be used in a long RF chain
  • lumped, microstrip or hybrid matching circuits
  • synthesis blocks as subcircuits to enforce symmetry
  • optimization for multiple impedance environments or variants in one go
  • co-matching of coupled antenna system
  • matching circuit synthesis to optimize antenna array total system efficiency

The automation brings enormous advantage for the designer, as much of the work would otherwise require manual setup for potentially hundreds of design candidates. This makes the designer’s work both productive and motivating.