Optenni Lab — Connection to network analyzers

Optenni Lab can be easily interfaced with network analyzers to read measured impedance data from network analyzers and to optimize matching circuits in real time based on the changing measurement data. Network analyzers from the following manufacturers are supported:

Optenni Lab supports LAN, USB and GPIB connections to network analyzers. The setting up of the link to network analyzers is extremely simple:

  1. Connect your workstation and the network analyzer with a cable
  2. Select the connection type (LAN/USB/GPIB) and enter the device address or select the device from a list of connected devices
  3. Connect to the device
  4. Choose the number of measurement ports

When the measurement has been set up, you can examine in real time how the bandwidth potential or electromagnetic isolation changes when the antenna configuration is changed. You can see in real time how the performance through a matching circuit changes and also re-optimize the matching circuit as the antenna is changed. These features greatly enhance the productivity of antenna prototyping and measurement activities.


Video presentation: Link from Optenni Lab to network analyzers: