Training for Optenni Lab and impedance matching

Although our Optenni Lab matching circuit generation and antenna analysis software is very easy and intuitive to use, we offer tailored training courses that show how to use all the features of the Optenni Lab software efficiently. We also introduce you to the modern concepts of bandwidth potential and electromagnetic isolation that speed up the antenna concept creation work.

Although the productive use of Optenni Lab does not require theoretical knowledge about impedance analysis, we also provide courses that explain the theory of matching circuit design. We would also be happy to organize tailored training courses based on your needs.

Example topics that can be covered during training sessions:

  • Efficient use of Optenni Lab: user interface, matching circuit optimization workflows, plotting, data import and export
  • Power wave theory: analysis of power propagation in microwave networks
  • Theory behind matching circuit analysis using discrete components (inductors, capacitors, transmission lines)
  • Optimization criteria in matching circuit design
  • Estimating the obtainable bandwidth through matching circuits using the concept of bandwidth potential
  • Analyzing worst-case isolation in multiantenna systems using the concept of electromagnetic isolation

We also deliver short courses on the theory of impedance matching during major international antenna conferences.