Optenni Lab ships with several A-to-Z tutorials guiding the user through many different applications. The tutorials contain example data and detailed instructions for how to use Optenni Lab for each application. For instance, the following topics are covered by Optenni Lab tutorials:

  • Commonly used daily features: synthesis setup, GUI functions, Power Balance, component libraries, matching circuit layout, tolerance analysis and sensitivity sorting, calculation of voltages/currents/component losses, component failure analysis
  • Assessment and optimization of multiantenna/multiband systems
  • Antenna Array module feature guide: array factor analysis, beam scanning range, sub/multi-polarization arrays, canonical excitations, antenna array matching, beamforming optimization, active impedance control
  • Active aperture and impedance tuners
  • RF front-end filter matching for carrier aggregation
  • LNA and PA matching
  • Distributed matching networks for millimeter wave antennas
  • Differential antenna matching
  • Linking with CST, FEKO, HFSS and Xfdtd
  • Linking with VNAs

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