Optenni Lab video presentations give a general overview of the software and some of its features:


Presentation of Optenni Lab:


Link between Optenni Lab and CST STUDIO SUITE®:


Link from Optenni Lab to network analyzers:


Link between Optenni Lab and ANSYS HFSS:


Link from Optenni Lab to Microwave Office:


Link from Remcom XFdtd to Optenni Lab:


Optenni Lab multiantenna presentation at AWR Design Forum 2014:

Real-Time Matching Circuit Synthesis at AWR Design Forum 2015:

Real-time matching with VNA measurement at EuMW2015:

Optenni Lab demo at IMS2016:

Optenni IMS2016 MicroApps presentation on MIMO antenna decoupling :

Design and matching of a 60 GHz printed antenna using AWR AXIEM and Optenni Lab: